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Introduction/Subject Overview or Course Description

The course is designed to introduce students first to the scope of Demography as a discipline vis-à-vis Population Studies and to show how sub-Saharan Africa varies demographically from the rest of the world. It further discusses the main sources of demographic data for analysis and provides students with the basic understanding of the importance of generating high level quality data for demographic analysis. It also introduces students to the main sources of demographic data including population censuses, demographic sample surveys and civil registration systems and the processes involved in the conduct of each one as well as the factors that contribute to the errors that may be found to be inherent in them, their relevance, strengths and weaknesses in demographic analysis. The course is also intended to train students on the techniques of data evaluation, interpolation and adjustment to minimize data errors and improve on data quality for demographic analysis.

Course Objective/Goals:

The main objective of the course is to equip students with an excellent knowledge on the major sources of demographic data and how to ensure that high quality data are collected for demographic analysis in order to ensure confidence in the results produced from using these data. It has the following specific objectives:

  1. Introduce students to the main sources of demographic data and the errors associated with each of them
  2. Equip students with the knowledge and skills to minimize data errors in the field and during analysis
  3. Provide students with excellent knowledge in techniques of data evaluation and adjustment to ensure that data errors are minimized as far as possible.


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